I am a journalist and I have some questions?

You can always reach LOX via the regular contact details. info@lox-nyc.com and telephone number +31303030053

Will the range be expanded if it turns out that there is a demand for it?

LOX stands for her recipes. Authenticity and freshness are 2 of the spearheads of LOX. However, at LOX there is always room for the customer's interpretation. Pass it on to an employee at LOX and who knows, your wishes will be offered quickly

How do I find out more about a party at LOX?

LOX is always willing to think along with the wishes of the consumer. Are you interested in the space of LOX Utrecht or would you like catering for your company party. Send an email to info@lox-nyc.com to discuss the possibilities.

How do I become a franchisee at LOX?

Inquire via info@lox-nyc.com

How can I add extra ingredients to a Bagel or Salad?

At LOX it is possible to place a special order. This means that you can indicate with your order that you want to omit a certain ingredient, such as cheese or pickles, from a product, for example in connection with an allergy or diet. Ask the LOX employee, he is always there for you

Does LOX have a delivery service?

LOX uses JUST Eat delivery service. Check the website of just eat (thuisbezorgd.nl) for the range. LOX also delivers itself for large business orders. Large business deliveries are only on request.

Does LOX offer free wifi?

Yes LOX has free internet.

How can I find out more about the company catering that LOX offers?

More info will follow soon! For now, look at the regular menu that LOX offers. For large business orders, LOX offers 'bagel and salad bars'. For more information about the offer of a 'bar', please email info@lox-nyc.com.

What are the opening hours for business orders?

Business orders can be placed all day. For orders outside the regular opening hours of LOX, please send an email to info@lox-nyc.com and/or use whatsapp and send a message to +31303030053.

What are the opening hours?

LOX is open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Tuesday to Sunday. LOX is closed on Mondays.